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Tahchin morgh

Tahchin Morgh (CHICKEN)

1.5 Cups Rice 1 Small Onion 1/2 lb (226g) Boneless Chicken 1 Tsp Zafran (saffran) Salt, Ground Chili Pepper 1/4 Cup Oil 4 Egg Yolks 10 oz (283g) Plain Yogurt 3 Tbsp Dried Barberries (Zereshk) PREPARATIONS: 1- Soak the rice with 2 tsp salt for an hour in a pot. 2- Slice the onion. 3- Soak the zafran for 20 minutes. 4- beat the egg until fluffy. DIRECTIONS: 1- Put the onions into a pot. 2- Lay the chicken pieces on top of the onions. 3- Add some salt and fill the pot with boiling water until it covers the chickens. 4- Put the lid on the pot and let it simmer for 20 Minutes. 5- Take the cooked chicken pieces out of the pot (keep the water in the pot, you will need it in step 19) and slice them in smaller pieces. 5- Bring the soaked rice pot to the boiling and continue simmering until the rice becomes tender. 6- Drain the rice in a colander. 7- Pour 10 oz of plain yogurt in a bowl. 8- Add half of the beaten egg yolks, ground chili pepper and 1 tbsp of the soaked zafran(saffron) to the bowl and mix them together. 9- Add the chicken pieces to the bowl and mix up with the egg yolk mixture. 10- Take another pot and add 2 tbsp vegetable oil. 11- Add the rest of the beaten egg yolks to this pot. 12- Add 2 tbsp of the egg yolk mixture (step 8) to the pot. 13- Add 2 tbsp of the drained rice to the pot. 14- Stir until well mixed. 15- Flat the mixture, take the chicken pieces out of the bowl and put them in the pot on top of the mixture. 16- Add 3 tbsp dried barberries (Zereshk). 17- Add the rest of the rice to the pot. 18- Flat and spread the rice across the pot but don't mix with the mixture. 19- Now take the egg yolks mixture bowl (step 8) add 1/4 vegetable oil, and 2 tbsp of the zafran (saffron), and pour the boiled water (left from the onion and chicken's pot) into the bowl until it covers the mixture and mix thoroughly. 20- Back to the rice pot, again put pressure on the rice and press down using a large spoon (as shown in the video 3:13) and pour the rest of the egg yolk mixture on top of the rice. 21- Cover the pot with the lid and let it simmer for 120 minutes over low heat.

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