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White Sauce Calories & Nutrition Values

White sauce or bechamel is added to recipes for its great taste. it is very common in french cuisine. White sauce can be added to number of recipes such as lasagna, gratin, moussaka parmo and more. When prepared fresh at home, white sauce contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12. 3.5 oz (100 g) of white sauce has 126 calories and 89 calories from fat. It contains 9.9g of fat and 6.2 grams of saturated fat.

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Potato Gratin

1.5 lb (680g) Potatoes 1 lb (453g) Ground Beef 1 lb (453g) Zucchini 1/2 lb (226g) Carrots 1/2 lb (226g) Tomatoes 4 oz (113g) Cheddar Cheese (shredded) 4 oz (113g) Mozzarella Cheese (shredded) 1 Onion 2 Garlic Cloves 5 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 Tbsp Tomato Paste 1 Cup White Sauce Salt, Dried Parsley 1/2 Tsp Stew Seasoning (Advieh) PREPARATIONS: 1- Dice the onions. 2- Skin and slice the zucchinis. 3- Slice the carrots and tomatoes. 4- Cook the potatoes in microwave, skin and cut in half inch slices. 5- Combine mozzarella and cheddar cheese in a bowl. DIRECTIONS: 1- Fry the onions with 2 tbsp olive oil in a pot until translucent. 2- Add diced carrots to the pot. 3- Mash garlic cloves into the pot. 4- Sprinkle a pinch of dried parsley. 5- Add stew seasoning and allow to fry for few minutes. 6- Add diced tomatoes and ground beef, stir and continue frying until the beef turns brown. 7- In a separate pan, fry zucchini with 3 tbsp olive oil (add a pinch of salt while frying). 8 - Back to the beef pot, Add tomato paste and as much as salt you would like. stir well and continue frying for few more minutes. 9- Remove fried zucchinis from the pan and place them on a napkin to absorb the excessive oil from the zucchinis. 10- Take a small bakeware (6 by 6), grease/brush with olive oil, cover the bakeware with a layer of slice potatoes (half of potatoes). 12- Transfer the beef mixture on top of the potatoes to create a thick layer of beef. Spread the beef across the bakeware evenly. 13- Add half of the cheese mixture (mozzarella and cheddar) on top of the beef layer. 14- Cover up the cheese layer with the remaining layer of the fried zucchinis. 15- Place the remaining of the slice potatoes on top so they cover the entire surface. 16- Pour a cup of white sauce on top or as much as necessary to cover the potato layer. 17- Spread the remaining cheese mixture on top. 18- Preheat oven to 350 f (176 C), cook for 35 to 40 minutes, until it's golden.

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"Soup e Jo" Recipe

  • 1 Cup Pearl barley
  • 2.5 cups chicken broth (or 2 pieces chicken)
  • 1 Bunch Parsley, Cilantro
  • 3 small carrots
  • 1 Small Onion
  • 1 Medium potato
  • 4 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
  • 1 liter (33.8 fl oz) Milk

1- Soak the pearl barley for 2 hours.
2- Grate the Carrots and a potato.
3- Mince the Parsley and cilantro.
4- Dice the onion.
5- Boil 5 cups of water.


1- Put the chicken thighs in a pot, add some salt and boiling water. Cover the pot with the lid and let it simmer for 35 Minutes. (You will need the chicken broth, if you already have chicken broth skip this step)
2- Drain the soaked pearl barley and put it in a pot.
3- Add boiling water to the pot until it covers the barley.
4- Cover the pot with the lid (Make sure to crack the lid so that a little steam can escape).
5- Cook the barley at low heat for 25 to 30 minutes.
6- In a large pot pour in 2 tbsp vegetable oil and add the diced onions until translucent.
7- Add the grated carrots and potato to the pot.
8- Pour in the cooked barley to the pot.
9- Pour in 2.5 cups of chicken broth to the pot and stir well.
10- Add the herbs (Minced parsley and cilantro) to the pot, stir well and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
11- Meanwhile, boil 1 liter (33.8 oz fl) of milk.
12- Add the boiled milk to the pot and stir thoroughly.
13- Keep stirring occasionally, and let it cook until the soup thickens at low heat.

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