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 Pumpkin Pancake Recipe


1 Cup Pumpkin Puree  Pumpkin Puree 2 Cups All Purpose Flour 1 1/2 Cup Milk 1 Egg 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil 3 Tbsp Brown Sugar 2 Tsp Baking Powder 2 Tsp Baking Soda 1/2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon 1/2 Tsp Ground Ginger 1/4 Tsp Ground Nutmeg 1/8 Tsp Ground Cloves 1/2 Tsp Salt Corn Syrup, Butter, Walnuts PREPARATIONS: None. DIRECTIONS: 1- Whisk an egg until stiff. 2- Add pumpkin puree, milk, vegetable oil and continue whisking until well combined. 3- In a separate bowl, combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and ground cloves. Stir until well mixed. 4- While whisking, add the flour mixture into the egg and pumpkin puree mixture gradually. 5- Heat a pan for few minutes over medium heat. 6- take quarter cup of the batter and drip it on the pan. 7- Allow few minutes for one side to become brown (bubbles start popping through). 8- Flip for the other side to bake. 9- When ready to serve, add butter, syrup and sprinkle with some walnuts.



Pumpkin pancake is filled with minerals and vitamins. Serve it next to an omelette and you got yourself a complete breakfast. Pumpkin pancake contains very high amounts of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an important element for a healthy immune system. It has anti cancer components. Vitamin A is know for skin health. Pumpkin pancake is also very high in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps in red blood cells formation. It's also good for the digestive system. It can break down and digest the protein from the food. Pumpkin puree used in this recipe brings ton of minerals to this pancake. Pumpkin Pancake contains high amounts of selenium. 3.5 oz (100g) of pumpkin pancake has 163 calories and 39 calories from fat (butter and syrup is excluded). It contains almost five percent protein.

nutritional facts

Serving Size 100g
Amount Per Serving
Calories 163  Calories from fat 39
Daily Value*
Total Fat 4.3g6%
Saturated Fat 1.2g  6%
Cholesterol 20mg7%
Sodium 398mg17%
Total Carbohydrates 26.6g9%
Dietary Fiber 1.5g  6% Sugars 5.3g
Protein 4.7g

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