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 Ashe Anar or Pomegranate Soup Recipe


1 Pomegranate (Approx. 12.7 oz / 360g) 7 oz (200g) Ground Beef 1/3 Cup Split Yellow Peas (Approx. 2.5 oz / 71g) 1 Cup Rice (Approx. 7 oz / 200g) 1 Beet (1 lb / 454g) 1 Bunch (Approx. 2 oz / 57g) Each:   Cilantro   Leek   Parsley   Mint 3 Tbsp Pomegranate Molasses 1 Onion 2 Garlic Cloves 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil 1 Tsp Ground Angelica Turmeric, Ground Chili Pepper, Salt PREPARATIONS: 1- Wash and soak split yellow peas in water for an hour. 2- Wash the rice. 3- Peel and grate the beet. 4- Dice the onion. 5- Mince the herbs. 6-Seed the pomegranate. DIRECTIONS: 1- Place the beet in a pot, pour in water, cover with a lid and simmer for an hour or until fully cooked. 2- Fry diced onion with vegetable oil until golden. 3- Stir in turmeric and ground chili pepper as much as you would prefer. 4- Add the ground beef and a pinch of salt, stir well continue the frying on medium heat for 10 minutes. 5- Stir in pomegranate molasses and continue the heat for 5 more minutes. 6- In a separate large pot, strain and transfer the soaked split yellow peas to the pot. Add water. Over medium-low heat, boil the peas for 20 minutes or until cooked. 7- Add the rice to the pot and continue boiling until the rice becomes tender. 8- Add the beef mixture and grated beets to the this pot. Stir until well combined. 9- Stir in garlic cloves. (Add more water if needed). 10- Stir in minced vegetables and pomegranate. 11- Add ground angelica and few pinches of salt. Stir well. Cover the pot with a lid and over medium heat, cook the soup for 20 minutes.



Pomegranate Soup or Ash e Anar is a traditional Iranian soup. Pomegranate is or was considered a divine fruit in ancient Persia. This recipe, a typical Persian food contains fresh herbs and pomegranate. Ash E Anar (Pomegranate soup) contains enough vitamins and protein along with minerals to put itself on top of nutrition chart and be considered a solid Grade A food. Pomegranate soup (Ashe Anar) Contains very high amounts of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. It is also a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Ash e anar contains considerable amounts of minerals such as Iron and manganese. All the fresh fruit and vegetable bring good amount of antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory components to this recipe. One serving (100g / 3.5 oz) of Pomegranate Soup (Ash E Anar) has less calories than a can of soda. It has 137 calories (23 calories from fat), 2.6g total fat (0.6g saturated fat), 10mg cholesterol, 58mg sodium, 317mg potassium and 22.5g total carbohydrates (2.2g dietary fiber, 7.5g sugar). 100g of Ashe Anar (Pomegranate Soup) has about 6.3g protein, 14 percent vitamin A, 16 percent vitamin C and a good 23 percent iron.

nutritional facts

Serving Size 100g
Amount Per Serving
Calories 137  Calories from fat 23
Daily Value*
Total Fat 2.6g4%
Saturated Fat 0.6g  3%
Cholesterol 10mg3%
Sodium 58mg2%
Potassium 317mg9%
Total Carbohydrates 2.2g9%
Dietary Fiber 2.8g  11% Sugars 7.5g
Protein 6.3g

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